The Shekinah – Finding the Feminine Joy


Joy is a state of awakened consciousness. It is an experience, an internal experience of a powerful creative force that elicits change. Have you ever met someone, or gone into a room and felt a joy emanating from a certain person that’s infectious? Their joy touches everybody.

Joy is an energy, a message, a frequency. It’s hard to put words to it that sound grounded, because whenever we’re talking about the realms of light, bringing it into physical terms is very challenging. We use words like frequency and energy. But this frequency, this energy of joy is a powerful, powerful creative force for you. Because when you connect with true joy, you are accessing the divine feminine quality of the Shekinah. The Shekinah is the energy of Mother Earth that creates. It is the energy from the Earth that blooms upward. It is the phoenix rising. It is the kundalini energy. It is the Tao energy. It is that energy that causes the tree to grow upwards, that causes the flowers and grass to grow upwards. It is the energy that gives us life. It is the energy from below our feet. This energy of creation of manifestation comes up through our body, merging and marrying the energy coming from above that pours down into our bodies.

Those of you who have a spiritual tradition might understand what I’m talking about. Those of you who are new, don’t feel befuddled. It’s very simple: we are an energy system. A current of energy (sometimes called chi or qi) moves through our body in designated pathways. There is a pathway that comes from above, flowing over us and there is a pathway from the earth flowing up through us.

So, please, right now, look into your energy system and into your heart and see where a place of joy is. Maybe it’s a memory, a time when you felt really happy. Maybe it’s someone you love. Maybe it’s an experience that just gave you this well of joy. Look into this experience now. In this experience there is a gem, a gift. The experience, the memory of this experience is a doorway. It’s the opening page of the chapter in the book of joy. So, look into this joy and let the joy of the memory expand through you. Feel it.

Now that this memory has filled you up, I want you to open your eyes and take that feeling, and look into your life today and ask, “Where is the joy right now? Where is it?”

It’s there. It’s simple. Perhaps it’s the joy of the beautiful sun. Right now, I’m here, in Santa Monica, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. I look at that ocean and see that ocean is joy. For you it may be the joy of your morning tea. The joy of seeing someone waking up and they are the person you love. Those are the magical moments of joy. Let that feeling of joy fill your body.

Now, let’s say you wake up in the morning and you are struggling with your kids, or you are struggling with a partner. Or perhaps you have something pressing at work to do and you are like, “Argh! How do I do this?” Find the joy, a moment of joy, by simply stopping in the middle of all this—just stop in the midst of this struggle—and say to yourself, “I have to find my moment of joy in the middle of this.” Or you might invite your kids or your husband to help you. Stop and say, “Hey guys, I have to find my moment of joy in the middle of this. Can you help me?” And this helps them find some joy in the moment too. And when you do this simple act of stopping and finding a moment of joy, everything changes.

Even if you have to catch a bus, catch a train, or you’re worried about being late, you can stop— I want to encourage you to stop for five seconds—and find joy. Because it will change your day and it will change your life. It will press the reset button on the struggle, I promise. Try it! E-mail me! Go to and let me know how it works because it will work for you, when you just stop and take a minute to connect into that joy.

As a woman you are the creator. You are built to carry life and give life. That’s in our physiology. It’s how our brains are hardwired. Our soul and our consciousness are hardwired to create, to birth life, as well. When you are in joy—and this is the big take away I want you to get today— when you are in joy, a creative force from the entire universe happens. An energy like gravity wells through you and around you. When you’re in joy you create joy around you. And that joy changes consciousness. It heals discord and discomfort. It uplifts grief. It brings peace into the boardroom.

I have spent many a day in high-powered boardrooms in New York City with great big men who are running the world. And I have walked around and put my hand on their heads and said, “Let’s just find the joy.” And everyone said, “Oh my gosh, this is the best board meeting we’ve ever had.” They all relaxed. That hard crust just fell away. So, when I talk about finding joy in the moment, I’m not talking about something that you can only do sitting out in your garden in the sunshine. When you’re focused on finding joy in every moment, everything and everyone becomes your garden. This is a practical tool for you to use everywhere in life.

Even if you can’t go up to someone in your boardroom and say, “Let’s find the joy,” you can still sit there and quietly be it. You can be a professional and yet still be in joy. And because the electromagnetic field of the human heart is 60 times more powerful than the electromagnetic field of the brain, everything and everyone around you will be affected and change. Studies have shown that when you’re in joy you can actually positively change the brainwave patterns of somebody else standing five feet away! You don’t even have to touch them!

So, try this. Try finding the joy every day, and I promise you, synchronicity will happen. Opportunities will come. The law of attraction will actually work, and you will be on your way to creating a better world for all of us. In addition, when you are in a state of joy, when you find that joy, the neurological pathways of your brain actually begin to change. Oxytocin is released, bathing your brain in feelings of peace, contentment, and more joy. It relieves anxiety and lifts depression and we are able to think better and make better decisions. Talk about a win-win!

And for those of you who are beautiful men, who are gentle men, today I invite you to find the joy that women or a woman brings into your life. See and honour how women fulfil you and sustain you and are your partners in life. Our world right now really needs this kind of energy. Together we can create an incredible world. Together we will march forward and end hate and intolerance and bring in beauty and peace.

So, let’s all embrace this beautiful energy by finishing today with a prayer of gratitude, a blessing. Please look within your heart, and there within your heart I want you to see the women who have really helped you in your life, the women whose stories have guided you—your mother, your grandmother, your aunt, a teacher. See them in your heart and say “Thank you. Thank you for guiding me, blessing me, and shining a light, a foundation upon which I could build.”

And now, look into your heart again and see a beautiful white rose. Within this white rose is your joy, your happiness. See this beautiful rose of your joy descending down through your body, relaxing your body so your whole body becomes relaxed and peaceful. As the rose descends into your pelvis, the cradle of femininity, the womb from which we create, there, in your pelvis, is a golden chalice, a cup. The rose and your joy rest in this golden chalice. Here in this golden chalice are all your connections to your feminine power. This is your creative womb, the golden light of creation. Take a deep breath into your pelvis, into this golden chalice of creation. Allow yourself to simply rest here. And in this place say, “I am joy. With joy I create. I am the creator of joy within joy.”

As you sit in this beautiful golden chalice, gently become aware that around you a blanket of soft blue light. This sky-blue blanket of soft blue light is the angel of joy. She is one of the guiding presences of the ancient feminine mystery schools, the presence that nurtures, the presence which sustains and holds us on our earthly journey. Relax in this beautiful cloud of sky-blue light. The light of peace. Take a few gentle breaths. In this sky-blue cloud there are thousands and thousands of stars and you see you are actually inside a vast egg, a blue egg. This egg is possibility. The possibility and the potential that we are here to birth.

Take a deep breath. Immerse yourself into this field of heaven, this blue field of joy, this egg of possibility. And now, from the cradle of your feminine power, in the white rose resting in the golden chalice in your pelvis, see in your hand a gift— a golden box. Think of an intention. Ask, “What is it I am here to create? What is it I desire?” When the answer comes, place your intention in the golden box and send it out into the universe.

Take a nice deep breath and come back. Open your eyes.

I hope that you find joy today in this short and simple radiance journey. It is a technique, a place you can go to at any time. Go there in the morning and set your intention and create from this egg of possibility. And see the magic that happens in your life.