Your Six Simple Steps to Yom Kippur, Day of Atonement: Clearing Your Karma

Betsy ChassePost

“All things are too small to hold me,
I am so vast – In the infinite
I reach, for the Uncreated.”

– Hadewijch II
(13th century woman mystic)

Dear Friends,

The culmination of the Days of Awe come to the holiest time of Light. On Yom Kippur, the celestial beings, the stars and planets, form a sacred geometry of transcendent light to wash away our transgressions, pains, and fears, bringing us into a state where we can begin again with a fresh start.

No coincidence that the Hindu celebration of Navaratri has been at the same time as these Days of Awe. This holiday celebrates the victory of Shakti Light over the darkness of ignorance.

The last week we went over the Four Simple Steps to using the Light of Rosh Hashanah to heal. This week, we enter the Six Steps to receive the Light of Atonement, which clears karma.

Yom Kippur is the day where we ask God to forgive us for our transgressions. This is also the time where we forgive others for their transgressions. This is where we become the Shakti that shines away the darkness (our transgressions and mistakes).

Spiritually, this is so important, because when you forgive, and when you are forgiven, you release and let go of the attachments that keep you in a lower frequency of suffering. Divine Presence washes away karma, once you learn the lessons of the karma. You can do this every year, and, truthfully, every day.

The beauty of this simple practice is that you can sustain the sacred place within your consciousness that is capable of absorbing the divine healing light of all that is. Thus, below, I share with you the steps for Rosh Hashanah again, but now, including the additional step and affirmation for Yom Kippur.

Once you have gone through the Six Steps of Yom Kippur, it is here where the Light of your soul is sealed in The Great Book of Life.

Thank you, everyone who has shared with me how these steps brought you knowledge and insight that radially shifted your perception and brought you inner freedom and peace. Now, we close with the second part of this practice for the Days of Awe. Thank you for joining me.


Your Six Simple Steps to Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement:
Clearing Your Karma

1.   Proclaim the affirmation prayer:

“The Atoning Light of Yom Kippur
seals my name in The Book of Life.”

2.    Look within; find a place within your heart’s feelings where you would like to be forgiven, speaking your prayer aloud with devotion and humility.

3.   Visualize the Supreme Light of Atonement above your Crown Chakra.  Evoke this great Light to wash over you and fill you with the Yom Kippur Light.

4.   Ask your Higher Power, God or Angelic Guide The Three Questions:

“What is my life lesson from that transgression?”
“What wisdom am I to glean about myself?”
“What change in my thinking, and what action in my life can I take now to free me and release me from my mistake?”

5.   Make a vow with God and your Higher Self, about what kind of person you would like to be moving forward to sustain this new Light which is coming into your body, mind, and spirit now.

6.   Now, repeat your affirmation prayer:

“The Atoning Light of Yom Kippur
seals my name in The Book of Life.”

By entering into the higher frequencies of your pure heart, the place where our True Self lives, you we become a vessel to receive the down pouring of grace, mercy, rejuvenation, and salvation.  This is where our karma falls away from us like the stone falling away from a sculptor’s masterpiece.  You are the sculptor that releases the masterpiece of beauty, and you do this by making a choice with an intention.

The Yom Kippur Light of Atonement is the great energy that enables the sculptor (your consciousness) to release the heavy burdens of karma.

Take advantage, and use this beautiful light.  This light is here for service, given freely to you from all that is.  It is yours; it belongs to you.  All you have to do is say, “yes, I receive,” and follow these six simple steps to freedom.

You may use the Four Steps of Rosh Hashanah and the Six Steps of Yom Kippur as part of your spiritual practice as often as you like throughout the year.  Do this, and you will experience extraordinary transformation, and you will soon begin to see the awe and the beauty of the world you occupy!

Love and light,