Deirdre Hade and Will Arntz

The Mystic and the Physicist

The Tao Of Surprise

An enlightening exploration of mystical and scientific Surprise!

How does Surprise transform you?
What are the tools needed to harness the power of Surprise in an ever changing Surprising world?

Thank you for joining me. I am thrilled to offer you two special gifts to ignite the light of your soul.

The first gift is an Activation Video Meditation

Ignite The Light of Your Soul

In only 3 minutes, this simple meditation key will bring you inner peace and greater clarity by guiding your mind into calm thoughts and emotional strength. I have used guided meditation for years to help me overcome the hurdles of motherhood, meetings and traffic – in other words, life.

Enjoy the pleasure of reconnecting to the light of your soul!

And your second free gift!

The Radiance Tree of Life Journey.

This journey is an in-depth activation of your Tree of Life, the divine blueprint of your soul. You will hear some Hebrew words; their purpose is to open the ancient mystical gateways into your soul’s memory of being a powerful creator. Listen to The Radiance Tree of life in a quiet room. Light a candle. Place a fresh flower near you. Create a sacred space for yourself and enjoy!



Here is your link to order my new coffee table art book of Wisdom and Inspiration,

The ( not so ) Little Book of Surprises

Order now and Amazon will give you a discount. This is a perfect bedtime or morning oracle book to set your day on the right course or to fall asleep in the comfort of the angels.

“A visual feast. It is a roadmap of mystical insight, poetry, breathtaking photographs…a rare gem of inspiration – “
Jack Canfield, author, Chicken Soup for the Soul
The Success Principals


“The three highest emanations of the Tree of Life-truth, wisdom, and understanding, equal all of the aspects of love, union and forgiveness. And we are here as human beings to be the conduit between the elements of creation.”

Deirdre Hade
Excerpt from The ( not so ) Little Book of Surprises


Thank you for saying Yes! to living in the Radiance of Life.

Love and Blessings,