Our Prayer to Heal the United States of America – 2018

Our Prayer to Heal the United States of America – 2018
by Deirdre Hade


We pray for the hearts and the minds of all Americans to reclaim
our true central pillar of core values and virtue.

We pray for the light of redemption and mercy to lift out all toxic anger
from our communities, our cities, our countryside,
our airways and our people.

We pray, Grace pour your healing salve into our wounds
and our prejudices so that we may
become a nation of tolerance and love.

We pray, Lady Liberty, “Mend the broken heart of Democracy.”

We pray, Lady Justice unite our divided country.
Renew what is sacred, that all humans have dignity.

We pray, God of Truth re-establish our purpose
as a beacon of light into this world.

We pray, Divine Inspiration, help us to remember why we were
given the torch of freedom.

For this torch is not ours alone.
It does not belong to us solely.
We are merely the custodians of a higher vision.

We pray, Beloved Intelligence, that formed and fashioned this experiment
give us strength, perseverance and faith.

Deliver us from those who would rob us
of our inalienable rights.
Help us to remember loving kindness.
Create the dream we have yet to realize.

We pray. And we affirm that from this seemingly broken time a new possibility is about to birth.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…
that the actions of the Law are directed
from a spiritual consciousness.

We Pray this Declaration of our Hope and Restoration:
Encoded by Our Heart’s Soul Longing to be Free.

And We Will.

In the night we shall go in
to steal
a flowering branch.

We shall climb over the wall
in the darkness of a private garden,
two shadows in the shadow.

Winter is not yet gone,
and the apple tree appears
suddenly changed
into a cascade of fragrant stars.

In the night we shall go in
up to its trembling firmament,
and your little hands and mine
will steal the stars.

And silently,
to our house,
in the night and the shadow,
with your steps will enter
perfume’s silent step
and with starry feet
the clear body of spring.

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