Prayer for Faith

Prayer for Faith


Light of faith who shines before me

light my way for this long day

bring your golden stream of life

to sooth my soul and calm my heart –

Fill me with your vibrant song

lift my spirit to soar again,

light of night, who carries my heart a-light with hope,

fill my soul with your fiery flame

that I might come to know your sacred name –

that of faith, my foundation stone,

my redeemer, my rock, my beloved.


Faith, you brought me here –

trusting in you to carry me through

the grieving storm of loss and doubt

and fear and terror of destitute.

Surrounding me in your chariot

you shined your eyes into mine

you lead me to your walk of faith,

you redeemed my salvation

you clasped my falling

heart –


messenger of hope

so close eternity that hears my prayer

in your safety harbor’s

now – guide my soul

florescent star


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