Prayer to Heal Our World

Prayer to Heal Our World


Divine Presence All That Is
Beloved Mother Beloved Father
Holy One

Hear our prayer

Give us strength to meet what is before us with wisdom.
Give us perseverance to the knowledge beyond all obstacles.
Give us vision to see beyond the veil of misperception.

Eyes tell All.

Teach us how to look into each other soul to soul, divinity to
divinity. Teach us to have tolerance, respect and care. Help
us to have faith beyond faith. Help us regain our our noble

Heal our world. Transform our hearts. Pour your grace into
our wounds. Reveal our hidden light that lost its way in the
darkness. Retrieve this light. Bring us salvation.

With you we cannot fail.

Within us there are places of weakness and
places of pain that we are afraid to understand.
There are times where our loneliness shadows our ability to
think and to love. Help us to heal those places within us.
Help us to sooth those voices and those feelings of
intolerance and shame. We are ready to receive your gift of

Beloved Presence

This world, asks too much. The clock never stops running.
And, how is it that in 24 hours we experience
killings and births and grief and jubilation and hell and
heaven all at the same time through one giant eye.

What a paradox you have given us
this prison box of life. Or, are we the very prison
we are longing to be free of?

Take my hand and fly with me.
Your hand is all I ask for, rescue us
so I ask, where are you now as steel and titanium, uranium,
and plutonium, fuses of sorrow lay waiting under the earth
like the tulip bulbs of Easter spring.

Give us the strength to reach up,
just so slightly, and push our palms of need through the
darkest soil of ignorance, lethargy and grief.

Yes, grief, as the monuments of mothers like mountains
descend into the wailing streets. Lift my arm one more time
because it has gotten to heavy to carry alone.

Shield us as we walk through the hurdling stones –
the bullets of loss, the ringing bells of retribution
the experiences of jubilation measured. in our
ability to become the rivers of what discouragement.
the rivers of exaltation forging new eddies into our mass
resurrection the consciousness of reason failing.

Help me to be a guiding light
through the myriad of experiences in my world.

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