Private Radiance Study Group Intensive

Monday, September 24, 2018

The energy is building for our upcoming retreat in September at Kripalu. In addition to the 3 day retreat information that is posted on the Kripalu website, Deirdre is offering a Private Radiance Study Group Intensive on Monday, September 24th.

“Open the shutters, open the lens
and allow the spirit of your soul to be free.”

“Open the shutters, open the lens
and allow the spirit of your soul to be free.”

This will be a time for us to be together in community. During this event, Deirdre will be leading us in a powerful initiation of the Tree of Life and the 12 pyramids. In the evening, there will be a Sacred Fire Ceremony.  As part of this, all participants will receive their Radiance Spiritual name.  Those who have their name from Mt. Shasta will have their name activated to the next level of Mastery.

This event is generously being hosted by Sandy Muss at her beautiful home which is very close to Kripalu.

The day will begin at 9:00am and will continue until 10:00pm. Lunch and dinner will be served. There will be time for all of us to explore the lovely grounds — walking, meditating, contemplating.

Everyone should extend their stay at Kripalu to include Sunday and Monday nights. Transportation to Sandy’s home from Kripalu will be arranged at 9:00 am on Monday morning and back again at the end of the evening.

Please understand that we have to cover all of our costs and must help Radiance Healing being self-sustaining so we appreciate you making your donation at the highest level you are able.

Deirdre is looking forward to seeing everyone in person for this very special occasion.

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