A Message From The Cosmic Beings

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As a mystic I have spent my entire life traveling through alternate realities, tripping into these other interstellar systems, bumping up against Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Prophets, Animal and Nature Spirits, and they all have the same message. Today I’d like to share with you what these Cosmic Beings want us to know about our Earth trip, our world and … Read More

The 6 Simple Keys to Living a Spiritually Connected and Purpose Filled Life.

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Welcome to my video series “The 6 Simple Keys to Living a Spiritually Connected and Purpose-Filled Life.” In each short video I will explain the key, why it’s important and how to use it in your everyday life. Each key is connected and I suggest you watch the videos in order. Once you’re finished with all 7 videos, you will … Read More

The 6 Simple Keys – The Wrap-Up!

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Wow, the response to The 6 Simple Keys to Living A Spiritually Connected and Purpose-Filled Life has been amazing. Thank you! I am so very glad the 6 Keys are helping make a profound difference in so many people’s lives. Our world needs you to be a spiritually connected and purpose-filled person now more than ever. Here’s the Wrap-Up. We … Read More

The 6 Simple Keys – Key #6 Living in Bliss

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Let’s define what bliss really is. Bliss is a state experience in your body, in your heart and in your mind, where you are fully connected to a greater reality. This state of bliss is a subtle field of joy—a subtle field of “Everything’s okay just the way it is.” Bliss is the internal experience of  “I have the strength … Read More

The 6 Simple Keys – Key #5 Living In Service

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Why live in service? Why is service important? Service is important because when you’re in service you’re in love. You are giving love and you’re receiving love and it’s the most intoxicating uplifting place to be. When you are spiritually connected, when you are living a purpose-filled life, you are in service.   Whether you want to be a teacher … Read More