Creating an Enlightened Family

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  This month I am focusing on the family—what is a family and how can we have an enlightening family experience. When we think of family, we tend to think of a lot of chaos, a lot of great times, difficult times, and misunderstandings. But then, when we really need someone, it’s the family that shows up—at least we hope … Read More

A New definition of manhood

Betsy ChassePost

  With you Deidre Hade, thank you for joining me. I’m here now from Santa Barbara California, today going to be talking about a new definition for manhood. What is a man? I mean it’s a big conversation right now isn’t it? We have the idea of what man it has been and of course we as women we have … Read More

Finding peace in the Masculine

Betsy ChassePost

Today, I’m going to talk about anger. As I’ve said before, anger is something I’ve really had to deal with. I am quick to trigger and it really doesn’t take much for me to get angry. Along my course of study and in my spiritual awakening, this anger dissipated. It went away and I went into this field of calm … Read More

Fatherhood as a Path to Enlightenment

Betsy ChassePost

  Today, I would like to share a little bit about fatherhood as a path to enlightenment. Anything that you do in life is your path to enlightenment. If you can embrace it, you can incorporate it into your spiritual self. There is a wonderful quote from Justin O’Malley’s Keystones of Thought, “A father is a man who has two … Read More

The Sacred Masculine

Betsy ChassePost

  What is the sacred masculine? Especially during this time when we are really re-defining our roles, it is important to ask this. What is gender? Is there gender? This really is a time of transformation and illumination of consciousness, where the deeper understanding, the deeper resonances of these energies, masculine and feminine, man and woman are really up for … Read More

The Artists Path to Enlightenment

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I’d like to talk about artistry as a path to enlightenment. I spent many years as an actress and as a professional dancer and choreographer. I’ve worked as a painter and sculptor and I am also a writer. So, my whole life has really been centered around art. Awakening is a creative act. That’s why your experience of union or … Read More

Many Paths to Enlightenment in the Workplace

Betsy ChassePost

Today I’m going to give you some keys and tips to finding enlightenment in this hectic, crazy world we’re living in, especially the workplace. We all have a workplace. We all have a cubicle or an office or some sort of place—a kitchen, a warehouse, a theater, a shop—where we have to show up. That’s the work paradigm of the … Read More

Motherhood as a Path to Enlightenment

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In my twenties and thirties I was a career person—actress, writer, playwright—and it consumed my life. (When you’re in Hollywood your involvement has to be 150 percent to make it!) Then I got pregnant and had my daughter, this beautiful creature, this little dolphin baby from outer space. I just fell in love with her! But I was shocked at … Read More

The Many Paths to Enlightenment

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  Many Paths to Enlightenment Twenty years ago I had an experience of moving into enlightenment. But that’s a weighty word, so I’m going to just bring it down a few notches and say I had this experience of disappearing and becoming one with everything in the universe. And that was a real game-changer for me. Since then I’ve been … Read More

The Mystical Meaning of The Spring Equinox


March is women’s month, and today we are really going deeper into healing the sacred feminine, focusing on the healing quality of this beautiful light that just came in with the equinox a couple of days ago. In ancient Egypt they began the New Year on the spring equinox because it is the birth of the resurrection, the sphinx, the … Read More